Oral Communication?

Oral Communication 

During this winter break I am taking Communication 101 with Professor Woo at University of  Stevens Point.   I have learned tons of techniques that will help me in my future plans as a medical technologist.  As a medical technologists I will need to provide my colleagues with information that can only be delivered by communication.  During this first week of class I have learned what is need to provide an amazing speech.  Aristotle came up with three different elements that are needed in a great speech.  First is Ethos presents your audience with your creditably.  Secondly there is Logos which means logic.  All speeches have logic in them, but it is your job as the speaker to convey this logic the audience.  Finally, there is Pathos means emotion.  Every speaker has to put emotion into their speech or the audience will get distracted.

Also I learned about Lasswell’s SMCRE model of communication which is also extremely important to understanding oral communication.  The first element of Lasswell’s model is the speaker, which in this case that would be me.  The next piece of the puzzle of communication is the message, again relating back to this blog the message is oral communication.  Thirdly there is the channel for this example I am using the internet as my channel.  Then there is the R of the SMCRE model, the R stands for the receiver of the information in this case that would be you, the reader.  Finally there is the effect which is talking about how this speech impacted you the reader.  Did it move you or did it inform you on some of the aspects of oral communications.  I hope it did, thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.

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