Real World

While taking Comm101 at UWSP with Professor Chang Woo over winterim this January I’ve realized that oral communication is the center of everything. In order to have a successful career in any field one must be able to communicate in a clear and professional manner. Being a graphic design major here at Stevens Point communication is very important to me, and I’m generally quite use to speaking in front of an audience about my design work. When talking about design work I’m usually quite confident, I’m very passionate about my work so speaking about it in public in rather easy. However, when talking in public on other topics that I’m not as familiar with, or haven’t personally worked with myself I find it very nerve-wracking and I tend to go off topic. This class has already helped me to improve my oral communication. In class we’ve learned how to calm nerves and how to properly form a speech and presentation with ethos, pathos, and logos. Oral communication literally is how the world works. A graphic designer with communication skills has a much higher chance of getting hired than a person who is too shy to speak in front of an audience, or goes off topic frequently. Oral communication is the key to landing a job.

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