It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. – Mark Twain.

If that Mark Twain quote holds true, I would say we are all in a world of hurt because this course isn’t even three weeks long, it is just over two. When signing up for Communications 101, I knew it was going to be public speaking, I have had friends take the class before and I have seen their stress level rise as speech day came upon them. This course is a GDR that all students are required to take, and to be honest most GDRs mean absolutely nothing to our major. I think this class is different, everyone, no matter what career path they may choose, can benefit from this class. I plan to be a Physical Education teacher, so I will be speaking in front of my class daily.

Within the first week of class I have already taken a lot from the lectures, some of which was review but of things that I haven’t heard about for a while. For example when talking about Aristotle’s three elements this is something I learned about in high school and is now being brought up again. Who would have thought high school would benefit me in any way.  These three elements (Ethos, Pathos, Logos) can be used to make a great speech, Ethos: that gives yourself creditability for the topic you are speaking on which is important cause if you don’t have that no one will listen. Pathos with hits the emotions, this will really bring the audience in and connect them to the topic, this is key for persuasive speech and then Logos, which is logic. Clearly there is logic behind the topic of the speech but how you convey it to your audience is key.

I also thought that talking about nervousness, made me less nervous. We went over lots of different techniques you can use to calm your nerves in the readings which I believed helped a lot. That being said I am still a little nervous about all these speeches in this short amount of time. So I really hope Mark Twain is wrong about that because we have just over three weeks to write around four speeches and if he is right I don’t know how we got through the first day.

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