Let my Voice be Heard

A smile says a thousand words!

          While signing up for my second semester classes, I finally decided that I needed to get my last general degree requirement done: Communication 101 my first oral communication class.  I signed up through UWSP with Professor Chang Woo during the 2012 winterim.  After attending the first class, I could understand why this class is required, something so basic such a public speaking needs to be worked on to properly convey the message we have to audiences.  Interesting to think that something that we do on a normal basis “talk”, can be very nerve racking and eye opening when we have to get in front of our peers and explain what great qualities we have and back those statements up with supporting evidence.          I feel that one of the many goods from this class is that we start with the basics and practice just as you would do with any other classes or skills.   I keep wondering; should I keep taking more communication classes to further help my knowledge of how to effectively and clearly get my point across.  Whether it be a poster presentation during the annual ILGS conference or getting up in front of a board of geology professors and presenting a group research project I feel that will more secrets of the trade the more professional it will become.   With how much I have learned throughout the first two days in class such as relaxing techniques and the three elements that make up a great speech according to Aristotle.  They include Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

A simple but effective fact that I know I can use is the word SPEAK.  S-smile, P-posture, E-eye contact, A-animation, K-kinetics.  Keeping these points in my mind and practicing these will help me believe that I have the tools to become a great speaker in any situation.  This class to me is about finding my strengths and weaknesses and building my background in public speaking so I feel confident when I have to go to interview for future jobs.  Everyone needs to keep in mind that your voice is important and people will listen if you can convey your message is a structured, well thought out manor.  Let your voice be heard and speak out!

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One Response to Let my Voice be Heard

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    You will be always welcomed to take more communication classes, Jon. 🙂 Good story!!

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