I am attending UWSP as a Political Science major but am currently taking oral communication 101 with Professor Chan Woo. I believe our Republic is in grave danger so my main focus is on understanding how Congress has a 5% approval rating and still exists to govern. I encourage everyone to get involved in this up coming election, communicate with their elected officials and pick the best candidate based on values and not hipe.

Public speaking is an important part of the political process so attending this class is paramount to a successful career. I chose to do the winterim class in order to focus all my effort to get the most out of this class.

So far my experience in Oral Communication 101 is positive. It is a very high paced and structured environment. So far my first speech has shown that I still have a lot to learn. I was nervous to the point of having vocalization issues with a gravelly voice. After about a minute into the speech my throat seemed less of an issue and the flow of ideas to speak on improved. Positive thinking and better preparation should secure a better job on my next speech.

Yesterday I learned how to set up this blog and I was surprised at the ease with which one can get up and running with WordPress. My only reservation about the blog is opening myself up to the internet with information that I normally keep private. My other concern is in order to use WordPress I must enable cookies on my personal computers which I do not allow for any website due to my concerns over malicious code and unsavory internet hacks. So for the time being, I will use UWSP’s computers to accomplish this task.

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