Diverse Communication

Naturally, I’ve always been a loud and outgoing person. This has helped me to never have a problem with public speaking, at least the nervousness aspect. Throughout middle and high school, I have given quite a few speeches. From student council gatherings, to classes, to pep rallies and more, I enjoyed reciting a speech I was interested in. Of course, there were multiple things I needed to work on during a speech and will continue to work on throughout this course. For example, slowing down my pace. However, I feel I have had many opportunities for public speaking experiences. Stating this confidence may seem strange since most students are usually stating how nervous they are. I do still get nervous, but I use it to my benefit most of the time.  This course will be somewhat of a struggle only due to the fact it is during winterim with the short amount of time. I like to be very prepared and practiced before I get up in front of people and without a lot of time to practice is a concern. Hopefully, Comm. 101 will allow me to speak better with a smaller frame of time to prepare because in my hopeful career, I will need this skill.

I think that it is interesting when dealing with communication in the multicultural world we live in. In our book, it states that there are 195 nations in the world and every one of them has at least one person living in the U.S. As for me, this is quite frightening considering the only language I know is English. There are so many reasons for communication to be successful especially since most business interactions are done across different cultures. With all the diversities, the one aspect success come from is this class: communication. We have to be aware of the different ways people say simple terms like “hello” and “goodbye” before we can even consider the more complicated message that is trying to be portrayed. Ethnocentrism, another term from the book, constantly stands in the way of good communication. Thinking of one’s own culture as being the best due to the pride in ones country can be a hinder on communication with another country that thinks the same. So, my challenge will be to open up and begin to understand and respect the diverse world we live in to be a better communicator and public speaker.


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