The Heartache Relief

My heart nearly dropped going in front of class to give my little improptu speech but there was nothing to worry about. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been in front of my peers giving some sort of presentation. In fact I had to give a best man speech in front of a croud of 200 +! I was shaking my hands were sweating and I dreaded getting that microphone but getting my introduction done and people began laughing I really loosened up. I stuck to it and needless to say I was amazed at the feedback I had recieved on how touching and funny I was. People said they never thought I would do such a wonderful job and it made me feel like a king. I look back now and realize that perhaps my high school speeches had me somewhat ready and trained me to do it and do it well. I look forward in communication 101 at UWSP to better my speech abilities in many ways from constructing effective logical speeches to being a better presenter overall. I’m glad to know that everyone experiences some nervousness and there are ways to turn them into  positive thoughts can make attributes to your speech.

Me on an awesome backpacking trip to the Boundary Waters

This class is very important to me because my long term goal after graduation is to become a police officer.  Police officers use communication constantly and usually if they communicate very well they can avoid conflicts.  Becoming more confident in my speaking will greatly enhance my career outlook and I look forward to the rest of the semester.

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One Response to The Heartache Relief

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    Haha… I like your pictures and the links. Links actually led me some very interesting sites. 🙂 Good job!!

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