The importance of Public Speaking

I am a sophomore attending UWSP  as a elementary education.  I am currently taking a Oral Communications with Professor Chang Woo.  I have always been an outgoing person and I love meeting people, but presenting a speech in front of a class has never been comfortable for me. 

 The lecture and small discussion groups so far has helped me out a lot and have been really helpful!  I thought that the information regarding Aristotle and his ideas about Ethos, Pathos, and Logos were very helpful.  It shows the importance of public speaking and how it will continue to be important.  I learned that the speech needs to be logical (Logos), appeal to the audiances emotions (Pathos) and have some sort of crediability(Ethos).

I thought that the most helpful part for me was the lecture about dealing with nervousness because I believe that is the hardest part for me in giving a speech.  I felt more relaxed and comfortable when I read in the book that most people do not really know how nervous you are inside, because it does not show as much on the outside as how you feel in the inside.  I also know that everyone else is as nervous as I am or even more.  I will make sure that I prepare, prepare, prepare because I know from the past that if you are prepared you won’t feel as nervous.  I learned also to think positive and take deep breaths. 

I know the importance of this class and that if I want to be a great teacher I need to become a better public speaker, because a teacher speaks infront of a group of twenty some kids and if I want to do that I need to be positive and learn the correct way to speak infront of others!  I now have 8 days left in this class and a lot more to learn, but so far I have learned a lot and will carry that with me into the future!



About kbeck472

I am a sophomore at UWSP, I am nineteen years old and I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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