What? Public Speaking!

I am currently a sophomore and an applied cello major at UWSP. My major requires performing in front of others very frequently. I am enrolled in the class Communications 101 with Chang Woo. I feel that this class will help me dramatically with my major.

There are so many different aspects of this class that I can relate with my major. Communications will teach me different methods of dealing with my nerves, which is one of the biggest issues for me as a performer. It is strange that my nerves don’t act as wild when I am giving a speech. I received some advice for dealing with nerves before I started this class: visualize yourself performing your piece well.  When I read the text book for this class, it gave me nearly the same advice: visualize yourself giving your speech well. This class will help me find different ways to present myself on stage and how to influence the audience. The different ways I can influence an audience is by using Aristotle‘s ideas Ethos (credibility), Pathos (emotion), and Logos (logic). There are so many different aspects of this class that I can relate to my major. Communications will give me a different type of practice that I need in order to improve my skills as a cello performer.

Although, oral communications is not all about public speaking; it is a way for the human race to communicate with one another effectively. Each culture has different ways of communicating with one another with body language, facial expression, and the pitch of a voice, but many things remain the same with communication all over the world and it is just like giving a speech.  The main aspects of communication for the world is organizing your thoughts, making a point, and influencing the audience to agree with you. Communication involved many different elements and they all can be related to one another. This class will not only improve my public speaking and performing, but it will also help me improve my interaction and communication with others and understand the basis of communication.


About redcellist

I am a cellist. I love music.
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