Oral communication has never really been my strongest point.  I have always got by when having to do a speech every now and again in some high school or college classes, but was never very fond of oral presentations.  For example, one time in high school we were given a choice to do a four minute presentation or write a ten-page paper, I picked the

paper.  It wasn’t until I I became a student at UWSP that I realized that public speaking is great, but only if I am talking about something i care about.  I am a graphic design major and it involves speaking about what you plan to do, what you are working on, and what you finished.  For some reason I never have a problem presenting my artwork and concepts to the class but when it comes to talking about anything else i tend to draw a blank.  So one could say that when I am the sender, my message is the word of art, the channel is not only the words through the air my also the piece of art i created, and the receiver is the classroom and anyone else who sees my artwork.  I feel proud of myself that i can so freely talk about what I love to do.  Yet, I know that i need to work on better explaining things that do not always relate to myself.

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