Forget the Nerves and Speak

My name is Ellen Slezak and I just started college in the fall of 2011 at UWSP.  I decided to not be completly bored over winter break and enrolled in Comm 101 with Professor Woo.

Like many, I was dreading taking this class, but after just four days of class I’ve learned a lot on why public speaking matters, how to help ease the stress of speaking infront of a group of people and ways to give a speech.

At some point in your life you are going to have to give a presentation out of a speech class and it is important to be prepared.  Giving a public speech is nerve racking but there are a fee ways to set aside those nerves.  Prepare!  It’s important to know your audience and your time limit.  Also, visualizations can help your speech.  Just remember to keep them simple and use colors and fonts the audience will be able to read.  You shouldn’t expect yourself to ace your speech but don’t expect to fail either.  Before you start take a deep breath in and let it out and then proceed to your speech.

The most important concept I’ve crasped so far in class is that how you present the speech matters.  Your voice is key to keeping the audience with you.  If the audience can’t hear you they will turn there attention elsewhere, but if you are too load that can be annoying.  You shouldn’t talk in monotone or as you are dreading the topic.  Keep a nice rate at which you speech.  Don’t rush!  It’s okay to pause and is prefered rather than saying “um“.  Along with your voice you should be presentable to the audience with no distracting clothing.  Use you hand, but not too much and don’t forget eye contact.  Your audience will be looking at you and it is okay to look back, they won’t hurt you.

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