“Hey!” “What’s up?!” “Not much, I’m just learning about Oral Communication!”

Well, week one of this Oral Communication class at UWSP, taught by Professor Chang Woo, is over and it wasn’t nearly as terrible as I’ve heard it to be! I’m a freshman this year at   UWSP and I’m really enjoying it. Public speaking has never been a strong point of mine; you couldn’t pay me enough money to stand if front of an audience of 25+ without me talking a mile a minute and staring at the floor. I haven’t yet decided on a major, but it will probably be something in the Business field. So, I’d better get working on my public speaking skills because I’m going to need them someday! But that’s enough about me!

This will sound crazy, but one of my favorite parts of this class so far is the textbook, The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen E. Lucas. It’s easy to read and not boring like so many others! It’s also packed full of information. I really liked the section where he talked about tips for dealing with nerves before a speech. For example, take a few deep breaths, imagine yourself giving the speech, and flex and relax your leg muscles, which provides a release for your pent up adrenaline. I also think it was a great idea to put a short summary of each chapter at the end. It’s a great way to refresh your memory before a quiz or test.

Two things from lecture that really stood out to me were the SMCRE and SPEAK models. SMCRE standing for Sender –> Message –> Channel –> Receiver –> Effect and SPEAK standing for Smile, Posture, Eye Contact, Animation (Attitude), and Kinetics (Movement, Gestures). They’re important things to take into consideration when speaking publicly and are definitely things i’ll need to work on this semester! I also really enjoy the discussion part of this class. We’re learning a lot and doing a lot of work but it doesn’t seem like it because the discussion leaders are making it fun and interesting.

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