Oral communication: easier said than done.

I’m going to be completely honest, the only reason I am in Communication 101 is because it’s a GDR.  Public speaking is one of my greatest fears.  Even though I’m only in this class because it’s a GDR, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful class.  For some reason, when I know I’m going to have to speak in front of people, my heart starts beating really fast, I start shaking, and it’s a huge struggle to say what I want to.  So I’m hoping that being enrolled in this class will help with this anxiety and nervousness and will teach me to be calm and how to prepare a good, well organized speech.  

Even though we’ve only had class for a week, I have learned a lot about the process of giving a speech and all that it entails.  For one thing, it made me a lot more comfortable knowing that almost everyone else was also extremely nervous when it came to giving their speech.  It also was reassuring knowing that you don’t look nearly as nervous as you are to your audience.  However, I still get super nervous when I have to give speeches and I feel like I have a lot to work on in order to hide the nerves more.

In discussion, we learned a lot about the things necessary to make any speech a good one. For example, in the intro it’s important to have an attention grabber in order to get the audience more interested in the speech.  You also need to establish your credibility, preview what the speech will be about, and then have a good transition into the body of your speech.  The characteristics of a good conclusion include summarizing the speech, ending with a compelling note or dramatic statement, and always referring back to the introduction, making your speech come full circle.

I’m hoping that as this course quickly progresses that I am able to become more confident in my public speaking skills.  My professor, Chang Woo, and discussion leader, Ashley Martens, are both extremely helpful and have made this class a lot more interesting for me.

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