Oral Communication In My Life

I have been in contact with oral communication for quit some time now. During my four years in the United States Marine Corps I had to give countless classes. Ranging from technical training classes teaching other Marines how to work on specific types of gear dealing with Aviation Ordnance. To giving classes about general Marine Corps policies and procedures. However the delivery was not as stressed as much as the informational content, none the less it helped prepare me on how to set up power point presentations and made me a little more comfortable speaking in front of people.

Although it seems that no matter how many classes or speeches I give, I still get nervous and kind of self-conscious. I am currently learning the ins and outs of public speaking, at UWSP in the winterim class of comm 101 with professor Chang Woo. My strategy for taking this class in the winterim was to get it over with in the quickest amount of time, I’d much rather do it for 13 days compared to an entire semester. So far in the four class periods I have attended, I have learned how to make an effective outline, how to coupe with some of my nerves, how to deliver proper eye contact, and began to kick so bad public speaking habits, such as saying the “um” word.

I feel that by the time this class is over I will have the confidence, knowledge, and skills necessary to deliver an effective and memorable speech. Spending these couple of weeks speaking publicly will also give me the confidence to speak up and participate more in larger group settings.

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