The Verbalized Art form

Anyone who wishes to express themselves thoughtfully is an artist. Therefore we are all artists. However, the bane of any artist is the need to express ourselves while being afraid of what the audience may think. Expression itself is a art form, though publicly displaying it is another art form entirely. I am a Communication major in Media production, therefore I’m hoping to channel my art through visual media.  I guess you could say that my preferred form of expression is from behind the curtain, rather than center stage. It is for this reason that I have postponed Comm. 101 as long as possible.

I feel I can be a natural public speaker as long as it is something I am passionate about, rather than simply reporting on a topic I have been assigned.  This is why I could never enter the journalism branch of the Comm major.  During my first year at UWSP I was an art major, with the intention of working towards the visual media, knowing full well that the art program did not necessarily offer any media production classes.  After being completely drained from repetitive art classes that only practiced still life images of fruit and pottery, I decided to look further into the Comm major.  It appeared that I had missed the media production classes hidden behind all the journalistic and public relations programs offered through the CAC.  I changed my major, knowing that I would still have to take the required Comm courses for the major.

I would have to say that even though I have basically used up most of my media production classes, I have greatly benefited from taking the variety of Comm courses, such as Reasoning and Criticism and Theories of Communication.  Therefore I know that taking Comm 101 will only strengthen my methods of expression.  Even last semester during my Reasoning and Criticism course we had studied Aristotle’s methods of Ethos (credibility), Pathos (emotion), and Logos (logic).  Being able to apply these methods so quickly after that course will help solidify their effects in public presentation and persuasion.

I know this class is going to help prepare me for my future as an aspiring film maker.  This course will help me in supporting my work to an audience by convincing them of its relevance, and I hope to finish this class with the gained confidence to achieve this.


About ctheo999

I love the art of film and film narrative...I could elaborate but that would take quite a bit of time so if you really want to know, just come ask me, I'll gladly converse about art in general.
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2 Responses to The Verbalized Art form

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    I absolutely agree that we all are artists and at the same time, we all are communicators. Do you have any films you created? If you have a link,please link here. 🙂 Good story.

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