The Thing Everybody Does, But What Most People Hate

Public Speaking is a scary topic. When picturing in my head myself infront of a group of people with all eyes on me, my heart instantly starts beating faster. My words in my head even get all jumbled up. Although Comm101 is a GDR at UWSP, I think it’s a necessity for me.

Sitting in Dr. Woo’s lectures in the past three days has already taught me so much. I especially enjoyed the SPEAK acronym. I think these things are essential in a speech: smile, posture, eye contact, animation (attitude), and kinetics (gestures). These are all very important things and this is a great and easy reminder to use them in my speeches. The hardest of all these things I believe is the eye contact and gestures. I have to feel very comfortable to be able to do all these things, but especially those two and I am hoping I will get to that point by the end of the three week semester.

Another important thing for me to work on is my voice and how I project it. Like I said before, having all eyes on me is definitely frightening. I want to make sure I keep a consistent volume, not make my pitch go higher when I make mistakes, keep a steady rate and not be afraid of natural pauses.

Although my major is dietetics, I think that I will eventually, and hopefully, be able to present my ideas and thoughts with my career. Speaking infront of a group, and speaking well, is an important ability. Although I’m taking this class as a winterim, I think I’m still learning everything anyone else would in a normal semester. I enjoy the fast paced class and like the challenge. I’m so happy that the discussion class I’m in is full of understanding people who are on the same page as me also. It’s easier to talk to people who have the same exact feelings as you.

I’m looking forward to the end of this class, but also enjoying it as it goes. I know that Communications is an unavoidable subject in life and I need to embrace it as best I can and be able to speak the best I can speak.


About sdarm850

My Name is Sammy and I'm from the Green Bay area in Wisconsin. I love volleyball and anything to do with dance. I'm a dietetics major and love to cook food!
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