Yuck, speeches!

Communication…..the first thing that comes to thought is yuck, speeches.  But, communication is not only a course required at UWSP, it is something I use very often, and something I even pride myself on.  I am a mom of five and spend my day answering my 2-year-old’s constant “why’s”, and babbling with my baby…..communication right? I am also a nurse at Mayo Clinic Health Systems – Franciscan Skemp in La Crosse, WI and spend my day communicating with my patients, doctors, and my fellow nurses.  I work in Labor and Delivery and coach mom’s through labor and teach new parents how to care for their newborn.  I communicate frequently, but I rarely think of it as communication, it is just part of my job, and it is something I’m comfortable with and enjoy doing.  Speeches on the other hand, are one of my biggest fears.  I have learned a little bit about public speaking in this Comm 101 class at UWSP.  I’ve learned how to properly set up an introduction, like how having an attention grabber is important, and to state your credibility, and to preview the topic.  I’ve also learned how to use transitions better instead of just jumping from topic to topic.  I am looking forward to completing this course because it is the last course I need to advance my degree.


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