And so I Begin to Tremble

I am currently taking Comm 101 at the University of Wisconson Stevens Point with professor Chang Woo.  This is actually my second attempt at taking this class. I dropped this class last semester because I thought I wasn’t doing too well. But the more I think about it the more I wish I would have just stuck with the class, because at this moment I would done with Oral Communications. I guess everything is a learning experience. The second time taking this class I feel more prepared because I now know what to expect. I have to admit, however, taking this class as a winterim class is a lot of work. Surprisingly, I am keeping up with the work.

Giving speeches has always been nerve-wracking to me. I would always get unbelievably nervous where I would actually feel sick to my stomach. No matter what I always tremble and shake. I just try to control it. Practice has actually helped to quell my shaking hands and my nerves just like Prof. Woo said it would. Practice is key.

Communication is the basis of our existence. Where would we be if we could not speak to one another? Life as we know it would not exist. Communication is very important to me as an artist. I learn to communicate through art work displaying a certain message to my audience. This does not require oral communication but nobody stays silent forever. Art is all about feedback; critiquing. Obviously, it is also important to communicate orally with my audience. This way I let them into my thought process and my underlying message I am displaying in my art.

In the Speech Communication Process we have a speaker, a message, the channel, the listener, feedback, interference, and the situation. This goes into depth in our text book The Art of Public Speaking which can be found at the university book store. This is also true for everyday communication and conversation. I am definitely taking this into account when talking to future clients about my art work. Everything from this class I can take as a positive experience to help me in the future.

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