Oral Communication: A Necessary Life Skill

Oral communication is something that can be both be fun and extremely intimidating depending on the context that it is in.  I have found that for normal every day use, oral communication is relatively easy.  I don’t get nervous and I don’t have to really prepare what I am going to say.  On the flip side, oral communication in the form of a speech is quite intimidating for me.

For someone who is quiet, even among my closest friends, giving speeches is not something that I can say that I look forward to.  However, I recognize it as a necessary life skill that when done correctly can be used to a person’s advantage. Being able to effectively present your thoughts and ideas in an organized and confident manner is truly an art; this is something that I have learned and I am learning to approach speeches with this in mind.  From landing a job during an interview to presenting a project that could mean a promotion, success may hinge upon your oral communication skills.

Although I am not excited about giving speeches, I am thankful for the skills that I am going to learn in this class, as well as for the skills that I have already gained.  Also, as a person who has played sports their entire life, I am a strong believer in practice.  This class is obviously going to give me experience in giving speeches and I hope that more practice will translate into me being able to deliver better speeches.  In just four days, I have already learned some valuable things about giving speeches and about myself.  One thing that I did not realize was that I use the word “umm”…excessively, when giving a speech.  I also learned that a solid introduction will help set up the rest of the speech.  Those are just two examples of the many valuable things that I have learned so far.  During the rest of this winterim course, I hope to learn much more about how to deliver an effective speech.

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