So Much More Than a GDR

  I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  The only reason I signed up for Communication 101 is because it is required of all students.  I am a Pre-Nursing student and before this class I never thought public speaking was important; actually I dreaded public speaking of any kind.  After only 5 days of class, an impromptu and an informative speech, I have learned how very wrong I was.  Public speaking is very important! No matter what field of study you are going into, speaking in front of a crowd is inevitable.

This class has already taught me so much.  On day one we were given ten minutes to prepare an impromptu speech.  At the time this seemed like the end of the world.  Although it wasn’t, talking about me for three minutes was very challenging.  I have learned that preparation is the key to a successful speech.  I’ve also learned that it is important to have speaking experience, think positively, use the power of visualization, and to not expect perfection.  All these things together make it easy to ignore the nerves and get up in front of 20 people without freaking out.

Professor Woo talked to us on the second day about the basics of public speaking.  He told us that speaking in front of people requires S-P-E-A-K: smile, posture, eye contact, animation, and kinetics.  Without these factors your speech will be a flop.  After presenting my informative speech today I learned that this is very true.

So what is oral communication to me?  Oral communication is so much more than speaking in public.  It is learning how to present your topic in an interesting, enthusiastic way.  Communication is the basis of all relationships, whether it is between two people or between you and an audience.  Where would we be today if there was no oral communication?

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