This is more work than I remember…

Mauna Kea
Drunk from the altitude

I took a class called Communiction 101 about 20 years ago at UW- Milwaukee and I honestly don’t remember much from that class.  I have some hazy recollection of watching a video once but that’s about it.  One thing I am sure of , however, is that it was NOT oral communication.  This is more than I was expecting.  I was figuring this to be another quick GDR that I could get out of the way during the winterim, but noooooooo.  Since the first day of class I have had homework and reading every night!  Admittedly, I have learned a lot already through lecture and work shop with Dr. Woo so I shouldn’t complain.  The SPEAK principle, Smile – Posture – Eye Contact – Animation – Kinetics should come in very handy when I give my next speech.  (Hopefully, I will be relaxed enough to remember them!)  Knowing how the introduction of a speech gets the listeners’ attention, establishes credibility  and reveals the topic of the speech helps me to actually write my speeches because it’s like having a list I can check off as I go.  Finally, I hope to get one or two answers right on the midterm by knowing that Speaker, Message, Channel, Listener, Feedback, Situation and Interference are the seven elements of communication.  🙂  Overall, I know this class will be of great benefit to me and my career in the end.  Thank you, Dr. Woo!

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One Response to This is more work than I remember…

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    It is amazing if we think about GDR courses carefully. Those actually provide us lots of ingredients to be successful in many college classes as well as in any real world situations.

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