What’s the Point of an Oral Communication Course?

I’ve always thought that there wasn’t any point in taking any oral communication courses.  However, I have now come to realize how important good oral communication skills are.  I am a Business Economics major at UWSP and will be entering the business world after graduating.  In the business world I will most likely be giving speeches and demonstrations in front of people.  It will be very important for me to pair a good oral speech with a good presentation.  This oral communication class will give me the skills needed to do this.

In this oral communication class while giving a speech I will have to use Pathos, Logos, and Ethos.  Once I get into the business world I don’t think Pathos will be needed as much as Logos and Ethos.  Establishing my credibility, or Ethos, will be very important when giving a business presentation.  Along with establishing my credibility while giving a business presentation, I will need to use Logos, or logic.  Logos will be important in a business presentation because I wouldn’t want anybody to blow off my ideas because they aren’t logical. 

In this oral communication class I will learn these concepts and how to apply them to any presentation I may be giving.  The important thing will be actually remembering to use these in my presentations.  In order to advance the business world it will be very important that I am able to give good presentations in front of an audience.  I have now come to realize the importance of any oral communications course.

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