How healthy living can be unhealthy

I watched the video of A.J Jacobs speech about his book about how for a few years he followed as much health advice as he possibly could. He explained how he took advice about eating healthier, exercising more, and even petting a dog more often. Throughout his speech he was showing a lot of funny pictures that were taken of him during this time, such as when he decided to wear a helmet everywhere he went, and how he would put on a shot glass of sun screen every day and reapply every two to four hours.  I thought that A.J was extremely funny and made fun of himself quite a bit, which made him really fun and easy to listen to. He explained how he wrote his most recent book about this experiment while he was walking on a treadmill, and how it took him about 1,000 miles to complete it. A.J used a microphone that was attached to his face, so he was able to use plenty of hand gestures the whole time.

I think that A.J. is so creative and I love the ideas he has for his different books. He talked about his past work, like when he read the encyclopedias a-z, and when he decided to spend a year following every rule from the bible. He did a great job keeping the audience entertained the entire speech by using plenty of examples from what he experienced during his different experiments. Also he talked about how he got many benefits from all of the advice he was following from doctors such as losing weight, having a lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol. I thought it was so relatable when A.J. told the audience that right when his year of this healthy living was up that he had about a week of extreme indulging of fatty foods, and unhealthy beverages, yet he was able to stabilize after going a little over board. A.J explained how even though he didn’t incorporate every single healthy behavior that he followed for that year that he took bits and pieces and used them in his daily life.

One possible thing that he could work on in his speech would be to not make it as obvious that he is holding on to a large clicker to switch the slides. He made a few jokes and reference that I did not understand, however the audience seemed to get them and laughed about them. Also he said um a lot throughout his speech, but I only noticed it after re-watching the speech a few times. It is very hard for me to go through his speech and find areas where he needs to improve. I thought that he did so many things well, he had a good vocal variety, he used gestures, he had eye contact, he laughed at his own jokes in an appropriate way, and he just was out there and looked as if he was truly enjoying himself. Even though he was not wearing a really formal outfit I think that his speech was more laid back and that it was appropriate for the material that he was speaking about. I usually feel like speeches take a very long time and want them to be over; however, during A.J’s speech I never once found myself looking at the timer or wishing it would be over. I thought that it was extremely informative and fun to listen to and learn about. I definitely recommend others to watch this speech, and possibly to read his books.


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