A.J Jacobs: How Healthy Living Nearly Killed me

This video is about A.J Jacobs and how he followed all the health advice he was given for a whole decade. The title alone struck an interest in me because I have been trying to live healthily for quite some time. He took the words “living healthy” to the extreme. A.J wanted to improve himself through three phases.

His first phase was to improve the mind. Jacobs read through every encyclopedia, A through Z.  I was impressed that he actually followed through with reading them. I think reading in general can help improve the mind, I don’t think he had to read through all those encyclopedias. He also told the audience about how just reading the encyclopedias alone effected his life. He said it was painful for both him and his wife during the process.

The second phase to his experiment was improving his spirit. He said he did not grow up with tradition, but his background was Jewish, so he followed that religion for a while. He followed everything in the Bible; he even stopped shaving his beard! I find it difficult to believe he followed every rule in the Bible because there are so many.

The final phase he participated in was to improve the health of the body. Jacobs stated that living so healthfully was killing him. He was overwhelmed by all of the things he had to do.  He did, what I consider, crazy things. He put a shot glass of sunscreen on his body every 2-4 hours everyday. I have fair skin and red hair; I didn’t even do that during the Summer. Jacobs even wore a helmet everywhere. He showed the audience some pretty funny pictures as well. He informed the audience how it interfered with his life. The book he wrote was written while he worked out on the treadmill, taking about 1,000 miles to write. I give him major props for committing to this experiment and following through with it. He took many healthy habits with him at the end of his experiment.

I thought his performance was very intriguing. It was difficult for me to find anything wrong with his speech. He connected with the audience by making fun of himself and even his wife. He kept the audience interested with his many funny pictures and jokes he made. His jokes were a little bland, but I actually thought they were funny. He appeared very relaxed on stage while walking around, using gestures and looking at people in the audience. I really enjoyed his presentation. He kept me interested with the facts, jokes and images.


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