Dan Dennett on Dangerous Memes

Dan Dennett Presents some very interesting information in his presentation as shown above.  Yet, today I will be talking about the non-verbal communication that he presents in this video.  I would like to say that he does a very good good good with his use of voice.  The volume seemed very appropriate and his volume changed when discussing important or topic that were meant to be funny.  I could tell that he uses his pitch as a tool to present some of his credibility on the topics discussed.  The way he used his pitch in the speech made him seem like he was very interested in the and he was almost like he was talking to a group of friends.  I think that this made the audience feel more comfortable because he was talking about a touchy subject.  Whereas if he came across as being too serious about the topic, the audience might think he is just trying to push his views onto them and they wouldn’t give what he is saying a second thought.

You could tell that he had practiced this speech, or has done many speeches in the past, because the rate at which he talked was almost perfect.  The only thing that I thought was slightly odd was that he was sitting down.  I do not know if something was preventing him from standing or he wanted to sit to add to the ‘talking to a friend’ feeling.  Yet I felt like if he would have been standing it could have helped his speech and been less distracting to the viewers.   I feel like if he would have been standing that he could have incorporated more appropriate movements and hand gestures to add to the emotion of the speech.

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