Some People Have Crazy Ideas!

I watched the video called, ” Ueli Gegenschatz soars in a wingsuit”  After watching the start of the speech I realized that either the video cut out the introduction or the speech didn’t give any type of topic introduction, background of the speaker, or a preview of what was the rest of the speech was going to go through.  After going online and finding out who Ueli Gegenschatz was and what he did for a living it all started to click.  This must be about skydiving.  This is the one thing that would be scarier than any type of speech in front of any audience.  I have all the respect in the world for people that make a living doing things the rest of us dare not try.

        Ueli’s speech was an informative speech that was meant to teach people about skydiving.  After listening to the first few minutes I found myself getting tugged in by the informative facts he was giving about the extreme sports he has done.  He did this by giving great visual aids at the right moments with statistics about each of the types of extreme sports.  His speech was witty and made the audience relax and made him relax which showed as he got rolling.  His main points were not clear which could hurt what the purposes of his speech were.  All of his experiences through the films he produced showed that he has an abundance of experience in the fields skydiving, base jumping, and sky surfing establishing great credibility.

       The conclusion of his speech was very strong because he explained what he wants out of the sport and where he is going to take it by pushing the limits continuously.  His delivery of the speech was extremely good for someone whose native tough is Swedish.  He did have a couple of natural pauses where he like to use “um” or “ah” but how can you blame him, he memorized the entire speech.  The question and answer part of the video was creative and answered one of the questions I had “why do some base jumpers use smoke?” the answer:  easy to see when filming.  The best comment was last; when Ueli was asked whether he has ever said no to doing something; he replied, “Yes, I have said no. Some people have crazy ideas”.  After watching the film I learned that Ueli passed away only a couple of months later, while trying to achieve his life goal, TO FLY.  He went out doing something he loved what else can you ask for.


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One Response to Some People Have Crazy Ideas!

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    I can see that you like outdoor activities a lot. I think he used some note cards. But, anyway, he did a good job even though he said some “um” and “ah”. And, it is too bad and too sad that he passed away few months after he made this speech.

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