Working With Others

I watched a video on Ramona Pierson, a women who was struck by a drunk driver at age 22, putting her into an 18-month coma.  She gave her speech on the events that took place at the scene of the accedent and her steps to recovery.  The accident caused multiple forms of brain trauma, and punctured holes in her lungs, requiring nearly 100 surgeries.

I thought that this speech was great because it relates to so many people.  Drunk driving is an issue everywhere and it has had a tragic impact in so many peoples lives.  A lot of people go into comas and have a life changing accedent, that leads to a long road of recovery just like Ramona.

The presentation was well delieverd she used a voice that was clearly heard, and walked around using gestures throughout the speech. She showed emotion during her speech which brought tears to her eyes, she also had a serious tone and humor throughout her speech, she got the audience to laugh plenty of times and she did as well.  I thought that Ramona had a very good introduction, she took us through the day of the tragic accident and really got deep into details.

She told the audiance that she was taken to a Senior Citizen home, she explained that there were so much skills and talent within the Senior Citizen home and most importantly the seniors had wisdom, so they had a lot of knowledge from living a long life.  She also told us what she learnd from from the seniors and how they helped her to eat, write and do many other things again that she had to re learn.  This was a personal speech so she talked about some personal stories at the senior citizen home which I thought made her speech more interesting to the audience.  The only place where I can think of a way to improve the speech is to involve the audience, by maybe asking a show of hands of anyone whose had a similar accident.

I thought she had a nice conclusion where she really enphsized the importance of working with others and helping one another.  Ramona made it clear that she wouldn’t be standing here today with out radical collaboration.  I thought that was a very strong way to end the speech!

The presentation by Ramona Pierson displayed great encouragement and motivation.  For Ramona to give a speech on such a tragic event that changed her life is a very difficult thing to do, and I think she did a great job!  Her speech was motivating to others that when something tragic occurs or maybe not so tragic that by working with others can go a long way!


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I am a sophomore at UWSP, I am nineteen years old and I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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