Brain Magic???

Magic, is it real or not that is the major question that I was trying to find out, but like all great magicians Keith Barry did not reveal his secrets.

In the first ten seconds of this video he reveals to us that he has the power to manipulate our minds.  Which can be categorized as his attention grabber as talked about in class.  After trying the experiment that the audience did I was awed by how my brain was just manipulated by a video.  Next he showed the episode of a show on MTV where he drove a car blindfolded only using the sight of his passenger.  Crazy I know, but everything was tested, the blind fold for holes, relationship with passenger and the car itself.  He called it second sight.

The last section of this twenty minute video I want to talk about because it extremely amazed me.  Keith made a the leader of the speech company pick someone to participate in the last experiment so he picks Steven one of the men who pick the speakers that are able to come to this program.  Keith decides to do the cup and spike trick with Steve.  This trick is very scary and dangerous if the magician doesn’t know what they are doing.  There are four wooden bases, three regular bases and one with a sharp steel spike in it.  Keith turned his back to Steve instructing him to put a cup on all bases and switch their position.  Just for good measure and making sure Steve doesn’t know where the spike is he switched them up.  Using the power of his”magic” or skill he leads Steve to the spike by destroying every other cup.  In my mind that is the greatest conclusion ever.  It was entertaining and it reviewed that he knows how to manipulate the mind and maybe even do some magic.  That’s up to you to decide.

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