Changing the World One Cell at a Time!


Susan Lim’s speech on utilizing stem cells to cure illnesses and replace the traditional whole organ transplantation process was very inspiring, and gave hope to people that would benefit from stem cell research. I choose this particular video because the subject touches home for me, as my father broke his neck in 2006 and is still struggling with his injury to this day.

I think she could have worked on her introduction by introducing herself, and perhaps doing some kind of attention getter. However I liked her credibility that she established by explaining how she learned by the two biggest pioneers organ transplantation, One of which performed the worlds first liver transplant, and the other one performed the first one in the UK. Susan herself returned to Singapore and performed the first successful liver transplant in Asia.

To show the audience how determined she is, she explained the multiple hoops she had to jump through to being a young female medical pioneer in her country. She did a good job at showing the statistics/graphs about the problem of not having enough organ donors for people who need transplants. She also had a good transition while beginning to talk about the shift to stem cell use. With a comparison of the use of human embryonic stem cells (from 5 day old fetuses) and using organs with out consent from executed prisoners. She then provided a solution, to use the stem cells from fat. And yet another problem was raised; the fat cells could not change into as many varieties of cells as the embryonic. And she did another good job at providing yet another solution, by introducing the possibility to transform adult fat stem cells into embryonic stem cells.

I thought her conclusion was very affective, going back to why we should replace cells instead of whole organs. And she ended it with a dramatic statement, making you think about all the good stem cells could possibly do.

Overall I think she gave an interesting and affective speech, with good transitions, painted vivid pictures of certain scenarios, provided problems and solutions, and displayed her emotion for the topic well.

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