Emotionally Attached to Her Words

The year I was homeless by Becky Blanton was the video on TED that I watched and reviewed. Becky had many positives to her speech, but even though she had probably given these speaks before, she still had some improvements that I noticed.

In this video, Becky Blanton shared her story of becoming one of the working homeless with the audience. After watching it, I realized that she was very inspiring. This inspiration not only came from her topic and the story about that period of her life, but the emotion and energy that came from within her. The pace at which she talked also had something to do with how she came across. It was slow enough to explain to the audience that it was a serious topic, but not too slow that she sounded awkward. There was at times in her speech that awkwardness occurred. For example, her transitions were not very smooth. She had some pauses that were too long or she included “um” as she looked at her notecards when changing topics. Immediately, at the start of her speech (which I think could have had a better attention getter) she stated her credibility. This made me care a little more about what she has to say considering she is credible. Throughout the rest of the speech, she had amazing eye contact that scanned the entire audience. However, her pacing back and forth was a bit distracting. The last thing that I would critique on her would be her professionalism. Instead of using notecards, she used a crinkled paper. This really isn’t a big deal, but sometimes simple things like this have a larger impact than thought.

Overall, Becky Blanton really intrigued and inspired me to go about her message even with the small flaws. However, no one can be perfect in public speaking.

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