Neuropsychology and Communications

While looking for a “Ted” video, I was very excited to find one on concussions and football, which would be the first sport that I would want to be a sports psychologist for. In Kim Gorgens’ speech, “Protecting the brain against concussion,” she effectively uses Powerpoint, hand gestures, pitch, tone, organization, and many more speech guidelines.

Building credibility at first appearance, Gorgens looked professional in gray and black with a classy ponytail. She added humor and personal experience by talking about her son and whether or not she will let him play football. She was extremely informative, using graphs and a resourceful site, , directing her audience to further and more specific information on concussions and brain injury.

Her organization of the speech was very clear and effective. She used a personal story involving her son in her introduction and that wrapped it up at the end leading back to her son. Her main objectives were to inform and to persuade her audience to be active in the prevention of their children’s concussions. She did so very clearly.

In my opinion, I feel like Gorgens could have used less humor for such a serious and scary topic. At times, I thought that she rambled on about her son too much, when the speech was supposed to be about football and concussions.

Kim Gorgens was a very energetic speaker, and you could tell that she had a genuine passion for her field of study, neuropsychology.


About bryannataylor

I am a cheerleader at UW-Stevens Point, WI. I am going to be a Sports Psychologist with the majors of Psychology and Spanish.
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One Response to Neuropsychology and Communications

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    I am glad that you found a topic in your field of study!! Good job!!

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