Help Preserve the Past for the Future

On Wednesday January 11, the Portage County Library hosted a presentation about historic buildings in Stevens Point.  The Wisconsin Historical Society presented the results of a survey conducted last year.  Old World Wisconsin is what the Wisconsin Historical Society is most known for.  The first speaker, Joe DeRose, explained what the Wisconsin Historical Society does. Mr DeRose also explained the criteria that a structure must fit to be considered historic.  The second speaker, Tim Heggland, had a slideshow showing which buildings are now considered historic and which are going to be in the future.  They both discussed how old buildings, that are given modern reinovations, are ineligible to be designated historic.

Joe DeRose

The question and answer session conducted after the presentation was over, was dominated by homeowners who expressed frustration.  Some were mad that their house was not designated as historic.  Others were mad that districts that could qualify, were renting to college students for money, rather than to preserve their property.

Mr. DeRose, in my opinion, gave me the impression that he gives speeches frequently.  Joe works for the Wisconsin Historical Society. He had exelent vocal variation and animation.  It was easy to listen to him talk.  With the sound of his voice, you could tell that he genuinely was interested in the topic.

Joe DeRose

There were to weak points in his presentation: walking around and eye contact.  During his speech,   he walked back and forth in front of the room many times.  His speed was not fast enough to claim he was pacing, but was to frequent.  The eye contact he made was lacking. A possible explanation might be that the lights in the room were lowered for the slides being shown, making it harder for him to see into the audience.

I was under the impression Mr. Heggland was not normally a public speaker.  He did have strong eye contact throughout his portion of the presentation.  It was clear by the level of detail in his speech he finds history fascinating.

Tim Heggland

Though Mr Heggland enjoys history, he had minimal vocal variety and animation.  He possesses a monotone voice that often sounded like he was mumbling.  Frequently I had to use the context of the sentence to determine what word he just said.

Tim Heggland

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One Response to Help Preserve the Past for the Future

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    Yep. Every speech is different. And, I think those two speakers might take different approaches other than a strict public speaking.

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