Risky Business

I have always known that living a lifestyle that is too healthy will kill you in the end.

A.J. Jacobs  style of speaking is very good but not great. He has an odd demeanor but his topic caught my imagination. I must admit A.J. was amusing although I believe he suffers from low self-esteem. He paces bad and forth in front of his audience, which he makes laugh several times during his short speech.

He moves his eyes away from his audience and looks to the side and down quite often. His posture is very good and his pronunciation is clear. Wearing jeans and a loosely fitted shirt stands out as being a little under dressed for such an event.

The PowerPoint presentations included some very funny pictures and allowed A.J. to make his point quite clearly. Wearing the helmet just for a piece of mind obviously made for good humor but God forbid we should all want to live that way.

Towards the end he uses um quite often for a filler, possibly he is nervous or loosing his thought process. He is correct that the junk food companies are very good at targeting us for a customer base.

I will assume he made the clip to promote his book which I find hard to believe will sell in large numbers, just because it seems to be silly in reality.

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