Wisconsin Historial Preservation Society

I attended a speech at the Portage County Public Library in Stevens Point  on the 11th of January to listen to our  hosts give a presentation. Tim Heggland is the person (the one with the white beard) I am focusing on for my critique. He is a historic  preservation consultant from Mazomanie.

Tim gave his speech after a presentation by the historian Joe De Rose from Madison. I would like to thank Tim for a good presentation however since I have skills in the speech arena some recommendations may be needed.

First, the lighting was turned completely off in order for the audience to see the PowerPoint on the big screen. This caused problems when Tim needed to read his notes for specific dates for historical buildings.

Second, it was difficult to hear his speech even from the second row back. His speech volume was low to begin with and at times next to impossible to hear. His message was interesting nonetheless and the PowerPoint slides revealed some fascinating historic buildings including our CAC built in 1929.

Third, I believe the presentation went a bit long due to lack of lighting and not being sure of what slide was up next. No lighting equates to problems reading notes if those dates aren’t memorized.

Now for the things that went well. Tim had good posture and extensive knowledge of the architecture here in Stevens Point. He is a wealth of information for anyone with a building that is 50 years or older.

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