Is Healthy Living Really Healthy?

While finding a video I wanted to find something that interested me.  In doing so I found A.J.  Jacobs and a video about how him following such a healthy lifestyle was really unhealthy.  Yes he lost weight and felt better but what really wasn’t healthy was the neglect of his friends and the loss of social interaction due to being so involved with being healthy.  The book about his experience will be available in April and is called “Drop Dead Healthy”.

Although he is monotone with little vocal variety he keeps the audience interested by interjecting funny comments that I laughed at and added some color to his presentation.  He seemed very credible given he writes books about many different subject and his learning experience because of them.  His visual aids were humorous and may have distracted from the presentation but given the purpose of the speech being tidbits of information about his experiences it may have not effected the overall presentation.  He did seem like some of his gestures were awkward and it seemed like he was looking down at the ground at times, so eye contact could have also improved.  He used language that was easy to understand and follow as well.  Overall the presentation was informational and entertaining with a very professional presenter.

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One Response to Is Healthy Living Really Healthy?

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    Yes, I agree that his eye contact could have been better. But, he may have an advantage because of his already built credibility. 🙂

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