Jail without Torture

Karen Tse presented a speech titled “How to Stop Torture.”  She was refering to torturing people to get a confession.  She started her presentation with a story to get the audience’s attention.  Throughout her introduction she told stories of places she visted that dealed with this issue.  This gave her a great amount of credibility about the topic.  She also used interesting statistics to gain more interest into the topic.

She previewed her main topics (three of them) proved mocing into the body of her speech.  She followed the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and started off talking about why torturing to get a confession is a problem is some countries.  She then talked clearly about the need for lawyers and how lawyers could help the situation.  More importantly, she talked about how people being jailed should have early access to council.  She internal summeried all her points well before moving into how people making a committed could make a difference.  She reviewed all her mains points and ended with a nice summery to conclude her speech.

She could have used cleaner transtions between her points.  It was hard to follow where she was coming from and going to.  I also noticed that she said “um” a few times throughout her speech.  Overall she had a nice speech and if she fixed those two points it would help make a even better speech.

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