My Future Self is Looking Pretty Good Now

I chose to watch a video by Daniel Goldstein titled “The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self” because the name intriqued me.  I wasn’t sure which part of the future self it was going to address but I was willing to watch the 16 minute video to find out.  The speaker walks out on stage casually dressed in jeans and a simple black shirt.  Just an average Joe appearance that the audience can relate to.  He begins with a question asking the listeners if they remember the story of Odysseus and the Sirens.  This also was a way for the audience to relate.  He then proceeds to recount a humorous tale of Odysseus and his first mate practicing how they will sail past the Sirens without crashing and hooks his listeners.  As the video continued, I observed how Daniel Goldstein held himself and ran through the S.P.E.A.K. method in my head.  The speaker did not smile a whole lot but he remained friendly and approachable and his kinetics seemed completely natural.  He looked to be completely at ease up on that stage.  The organizational pattern of this speech was spatial.  Mr. Goldstein compared the mast to which Odysseus was tied to a commitment device which segued into how commitment devices do not work well into how he and his collegues developed some computer programs to help people understand that the decisions they make today have an impact on their future selves.  It was not until minute 7:57, half-way through the speech, that he said, “I’m talking about the topic of saving.”  I finally knew which part of the future self he was addressing!  I honestly had been wondering up to that point!  From there, Mr. Goldstein talked about his software programs and showed some demos which, by the way, were pertinent to the topic and rather interesting.  All the visual aids used in this presentation were done very well.  They were kept simple and relevant to what the speaker was addressing at the time.  I also noticed that the speaker used well placed pauses during his transitions.  Overall, it was an interesting speech and Mr. Goldstein did a good job of keeping it entertaining.

The reason I chose the title of this blog is not because I have a ton of money stored up.  In fact, it’s rather the opposite.  My husband and I ran a successful business until the 2008 economy took nearly everything from us.  At that time, I was nervous and scared about what would happen to us and our children.  I’m not nervous anymore.  I work out, eat right and soon I will have my college degree for a career that will make me truly happy.  It doesn’t hurt that my career is in high demand all over the country and I don’t expect any problems in finding a job, either.  I may not know exactly where my future self ends up, but I do know she’s got a big smile on her face.

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One Response to My Future Self is Looking Pretty Good Now

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    Great, great, Diane. I really like that you could apply your learning to evaluate this speech. This is exactly what I wanted you to do. 🙂 Good job!!

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