Save the shoes, become a hero

In this TED video a volunteer firefighter, Mark Bezos, talks about a life lesson from volunteering, giving an inspiring speech on the importance of volunteering and how a little action can make all the difference. I found this TED video very inspiring, as my father is a volunteer firefighter I can relate to his story of how most volunteers aren’t really treated as “real” firefighters. Throughout his presentation I really enjoyed how he interacted with the audience with a more “down to earth” and laid back “jokester” tone to relate to the audience better than just a monotone presentation. I also think that his hand gestures, body movements, and eye contact really made for a memorable presentation. Because of this it felt like a really unique presentation. However, I think that the hand gestures could have been improved, they were a little distracting at times.

My favorite part of Mark’s presentation was the message in it. The message that even the “little” things you can do to volunteer can make a big difference, and it won’t go unnoticed I think is a very important message to deliver. Although I don’t think that retrieving a pair of shoes from a burning house is a “little” effort I can see how it would be disappointing to be compared to a firefighter who had saved the family dog. But this message would not have made as much of an impact on the listener if his delivery hadn’t been as perfectly tuned to his audience. I think that his presentation was very successful, and I would consider to incorporate some of his techniques into my future presentations.

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