The Miracle of Life

I am a Labor and Delivery nurse at Mayo Clinic Health Systems in La Crosse, WI.  Not a very good attention getter is it?  Well, this is how the TED video, “Conception to Birth – Visualized” by Alexander Tsiaras started.  A little different than that since this is my credibility, not his, but it started with credibility…can we say boring? Where was the great attention getter we now expect as Comm 101 students at UWSP?  We could do a better job than that!  We learned about the parts of a good introduction; attention getter, topic, credibility, relevance, preview, along with a good transition; the only thing this gentleman introduced was his credibility and possibly a little bit of a topic.  Not very impressive.  I had only a few seconds to think about the lack of a good intro when I became extremely distracted by his hand gestures.  He was flinging his hands all over the place.  I don’t even recall what he was saying because I was so distracted by his hands.  The only thing he did with his hands that seemed relevant to the speech and helped us to understand was when he showed us what cartilage looks like.  The rest was a waste of energy.  The one thing this guy had going for him was that he was extremely intelligent, and that showed throughout his presentation, and that he was very interested in what he was presenting.  You could tell by his vocal variety.  He also had good speed and was easy to understand.  Although he slipped in a few “uhhs” the delivery portion (minus the kinetics) was done well.  He gave a preview of his video during his presentation that was done very well.  The video itself had easily understood descriptions and the graphics were amazing.  Because it is related to my field, his video is something I would not mind watching.  But, maybe he should consider sticking to the videos instead of public speaking.

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One Response to The Miracle of Life

  1. jmosh427 says:

    Not quite sure why the link for the TED video wouldn’t come up as a picture, but I did everything I knew how to do and it wouldn’t work.

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