The Invisible Children Project

After searching through for awhile, I stumbled upon the video “Being young and making an impact” by Natalie Warne. She gave a short 13 minute speech about her involvement with the Invisible Children Project, a campaign to rescue and put an end to Joseph Kony’s children armies in Uganda. She was one of hundreds to campaign around the country looking for a political or celebrity person to give their movement a push forward. They sure did find a celebrity, too! Oprah Winfrey featured there story on her show, giving it enough publicity and significance to be passed on to the White House.


I thought Natalie did an excellent job presenting her speech. In the entire 13 minutes she didn’t look at one note card; she didn’t even have any on her! She must have spend many hours practicing because she gave her speech without a single error. All throughout she maintained good eye contact and had good gestures when gestures were needed. She did an excellent job relating the topic back to the audience and kept you engaged in what she was saying. Her voice and clarity were pretty good too. She really emphasized that you’re never too young to make a difference. She was 18 when she joined the movement and played a major role in getting Oprah. As far as I could tell from the video she didn’t have to deal with any distractions from the audience. She played a short video clip showing their quest to get Oprah and it played with no complications. It was really hard for me to find some things she could have improved on because overall she gave an excellent presentation.

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