The Second Ordinary Sunday and a Reading from Samuel

For this third and final blog I attended church at Saint Mary’s in Stockton, WI, with a friend. It was your usual Catholic church service with a few readings, some hymns, and communion at the end. The main message this week was staying away from certain evils in society. The priest used as an example the February issue of Cosmopolitan and how Dakota Fanning was on the cover; a girl not even 18 years old.

I don’t usually go to church, so this experience was a little different for me. It was hard to understand what the priest was saying because he had an accent and dialect I’m not used to hearing. I asked my friend how she understands what he’s saying and she said “it takes practice.” His volume was good and he put emphasis when and where it was needed. There was also two other volunteers who read some of the readings. They both did a good job making sure to read slow enough so people could read along but not so slow that it took them forever to get through the reading. They also had good volume and put emphasis where it was needed.

One thing I think the priest could have worked on was his accent, but I understand that having a different accent isn’t something you can just get rid of in a few days. Other than the accent I thought it was a good church service. The reading’s were given in a logical order, and everything flowed well together.


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