These Animations Would Have Helped in Genetics

As a biology major, I know first hand how annoying it is to visualize the biology that he is animating.  I have never seen in this detail some of the animated visuals he has shown.  When he discusses how frustrating imagining this is, I am right there with him. I watched this video four times.  The first was to review his speech. The next three were to watch the animations again.

In the TED video, Drew is very knowledgeable about the content of this speech. I would image that his speech is only going to be understood by people experienced in Biology. His speech is organized topically, which makes sense for the topics he is discussing. 

Berry’s use of vocal variation and vocal pauses is very effective.  The way he is speaking makes him interesting to listen to.


Drew Berry used far too many gestures with his hands.  His movements were distracting enough to take away from his speech. 

Over two thirds of the video shows the animations rather than the speaker.  This is only a minor complaint, seeing as how this speech is specifically about the animations show.

He does not smile during the video. Berrydoes have a lot of expressions as he talks, but smiling is not one of them. He uses his voice to queue you into how excite he is to talk about the animations.

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One Response to These Animations Would Have Helped in Genetics

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    Very interesting video!! I am glad that you found a video related with your study.

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