Things really do happen for a reason!

With his friendly and warm  smile, I certainly enjoyed this speech that the late Steve Jobs delivered at the Standford commencement ceremony in 2005.  While delivering his speech, Steve did not exactly have a lot of eye contact while speaking to the large crowd.  In fact, he mainly read off of his paper in front of him most of the time.  Although he didn’t have much eye contact, it almost seemed as if it did not matter because his stories that were shared were so incredibly intriguing! 

Steve beautifully appealed and related to his audience by telling them that he actually is a college drop-out.  I say that this appealed to the audience because a successful individual such as Steve, telling everyone at a college commencement ceremony that he never graduated from college, is almost jaw-dropping due to everyone’s preconceived ideas that you must go to college to be successful.  Now a days, it’s quite common to hear the stories of how some highly successful individuals never actually finished college.   

By providing examples of his own struggles throughout his career, Steve gave the audience a reason for why they should believe what he is saying, also known as establishing credibility.  He shared three different stories on how all the setbacks in his life have led him to greater things.  For example, in Steve’s 30’s, he was fired from Apple, the company he started on his own!  It was not until he created Pixar and had such success with the creation of Toy Story, that Apple ended up buying Pixar and Steve was working with Apple once again.  It truly is funny and strange how things sometimes work out.  In this case, it seemed as if Steve was meant to be fired so he could create something as great as Pixar.  This goes to show that things really do happen for a reason.   

So the next time you feel like giving up, just remember that things tend to happen for a reason – perhaps this major or minor setback in your life that is making you feel like giving up is a way of providing you even more momentum, motivation and determination to find or discover something else even greater in life.

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  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    How do you like the contents and the organization of his speech?

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