Apartment Gardening

Britta Riley’s presentation, “A Garden in my Apartment” provided some interesting information about hydroponic gardening systems that are placed within one’s home.

She had a good introduction that immediately established a connection with the audience. She used some good sources to gain credibility, such as NASA and Michael Pollack, a New York Times writer. One weakness is that she stumbled over her words a bit, and used the word palpably, which some people, like me, may not know. One of the first things I remember Professor Chang Woo teaching us, is to write our speech so that someone of at least 9th grade level could understand it. Britta also made too many gestures. Her hands were constantly moving, which is quite distracting. She did not make her main points clear in the beginning, so this made it difficult to find them throughout her speech.

Another thing we have learned is to provide good visuals,  without distracting from the speaker too much. Britta used too many visuals throughout her presentation. They were necessary when she was talking about the process of the systems, but overall I felt that they took attention away from her as the speaker. Her pace was very good, though she sped up at times. It was also hard to tell if this was an informative speech or a persuasive speech–I had to play her introduction over a few times. If she intended on making this persuasive, she should have used Monroe’s Motivated Sequence more clearly:
1. Attention
2. Need
3. Satisfaction
4. Visualization
5. Action

Her concluding statement, “We ask that you join us in rediscovering the value of citizens united, and to declare that we are all still pioneers.” Overall this was a good presentation but I felt that Britta could have simplified her statements and main her points more clear.


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