Applying to the Real World

St. Ladislaus Church

Today I attended St. Ladislaus Parish of Bevent Wisconsin with my dad for my third blog story.  The priest of the parish is Father Augustine Bentil and he is a newly assigned priest to the parish.  He is originally from Nigeria and found his way through a rough life by the power of God.  Since I am I Christian I believe that God works in ways to bring people to where they are meant to be. 

Father Augustine Bentil

Father Augustine’s sermon today was about what we want from God and what he wants from us, meaning respect.  Having a very distinct accent I had to listen intensely to make out what he wanted us to take away from his speech, which made me tense.  But he lightened the mood by opening with a joke that was about a boy wondering; if the red light by the vestibule was to turn green if that meant it was time to leave church.  It made me think about all the different things I thought about when I was little at church.  His joke really got a good reaction of the crowd which drew their attention in.

  The body of the sermon Father Bentil went into why we should respect the teachings of god and our guardians.  He went through how with all of the technology around young kids don’t acknowledge who bought those devices for them and their intended purpose meaning. He also talked about how parents of these children need not just to spoil them with material goods but spoil them with love and advice.  Understanding that communication and comfort will mean more to the kids than any material good we need to understand what is truly needed in our lives.  I can see what he means because when I think back to all the presents I received at Christmas when I was little I never remember the material ones I remember the ones that were heart felt like someone going out of their way to say something special in a Christmas card. 

   Understanding that Father Bentil only gave a nine to ten minute sermon he got an important message across.  I thought he did an excellent job related the speech to our real lives.  He also showed why, how, and what we can do to please God.  I feel that his sermons always are meant to look at what we have and appreciate how lucky we are. He encourages us to step out and help others that aren’t as fortunate as we are.

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One Response to Applying to the Real World

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    It might be a good sermon. I hope you also had a good time with your dad after the service. Did you talk about this assignment with your dad? 🙂

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