Is Violence Going Down?

A speech done in 2007 by Steven Pinker, a psychologist and Harvard professor, was done about violence.  The main point of his speech was to attempt to persuade the audience that violence is on the decline.  His argument was valid and extremely persuasive.

While analyzing this video through the new eyes that know a little more about persuasive speeches, I immediately was able to see why and how Steven was able to make such a case for his ideas.

The first thing that Steven did was  he started off by identifying and bridging the gap with his audience. He did so by saying showing an image from the holocaust and explained how it united us as humans because it shows us where we come from.  Then he went and appealed to the emotions of the audience by listing various cruel things that humans have done to each other over the course of time.  His reasoning was superb in the fact that he provided plenty of in depth information that supported his argument.

When Steven was concluding up his speech, he did a great job at several things.  He reviewed what he went over during the speech and then he brought the speech full circle.  Then his last couple sentences were very interesting and really left the audience wondering.  Some of his last words include: “Why is there war?” and “Why is there peace?”

All in all, I found Steven’s speech very persuasive.  It had many of the elements of a great speech.  His introduction really got the audience’s attention and previewed what he was going to talk about.  During the body of his speech, he provided much information that supported his argument.  Then like I said, his conclusion was great and left the audience thinking.  There was only one thing that I would have liked to see.  He used a power point a little too much I felt which took away from him as a speaker.  Great speech though.

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