Killing Creativity!

In watching Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted video about how the edcuation system kills the creativity in people, Sir Ken does a pretty good job of following the guidelines that we are taught in Communications 101.

I enjoyed watching this video. It was not a boring topic and the speaker made it a lot more interesting by having a lot of jokes that went along with his topic.  He had a great introduction. Ken started off with a good joke about art that was actually funny. He also did an excellent job and keeping the audience interested in his speech by making them laugh a lot and by picking a topic that is interesting. Sir Ken also had a very good ending by telling the audience what we need to do to fix the problem or help the problem for the future.

A couple things that i noticed that could of been better were although his introduction joke was good and about art it took him a while to get to the point. That is about the only thing I noticed that was really wrong with his speech. Overall I enjoyed watching this Ted video. He picked a very interesting topic that not many people think about and made it funny and kept me interested.

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