The Flight of a Lifetime

Ric Elias was just a normal man.  That was until his plane crashed in the Hudson River in January of 2009.  In his talk on, Ric talked about what it was like and what he learned while his plane crashed.

Ric’s talk was very inspiring.  It caught and kept my intention.  Ric asked his audience to imagine things when he started his talk.  When Ric described these things it was easy to imagine what was going on that fateful day.  The main topic of his talk was the three things he learned while his plane crashed.

  1. It all changes in an instant.
  2. His own regret was the time he wasted in the things that did not matter, with the people that matter.
  3. Dying is not scary.

Ric does an excellent job of letting his audience know where he is and what he is talking about.  Another thing that I found very well done in Ric’s speech was his use of humor.  Although he almost died, he can talk about it with a sense of humor.  That to me made all the difference between a sad story and an inspiring one.  Ric left his audience with a sense of understanding and compelling thoughts about their lives.

Just like most speakers Ric isn’t perfect.  The only thing that I found that Ric could have done better was his posture.  He tended to sway some during his talk.  This did not distract from the talk, but our teachers had stressed how important it is to stand still.

This talk was very inspirational.  Over all it was a very well presented talk.  I enjoyed listening to it and I am sure his audience did as well.  He got his point across very well and even added humor to enhance it.  Ric Elias performed a great speech.

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