The Ritual of Communication

I chose to watch presentation by Dr. Abraham Verghese on about the importance of communication between doctors and their patients. I found it interesting that, even though there are new advances in technology at alarming rates, these “advances” are actually becoming detrimental to the relationship between doctors and those they are supposed to be treating.  Dr. Verghese emphasizes the necessity for medical staff to go back to the “old way” of actually seeing their patients in person and building a rapport with them on a personal level.

He starts his speech off with the shocking story of a 40 year old woman who came to his hospital. Upon examining her, Dr. Verghese finds that not only does this woman have breast cancer, but that it was metastasized to her entire chest. This story helps get the audience’s attention and elude to the nature of the topic that he intends to speak about.

Throughout his entire speech, Dr. Verghese makes an excellent use of eye contact and gestures in order to relate the gravity of the situation to his audience as he explains that this woman’s situation could have been prevented had she been treated properly by her physicians prior to their meeting.  I did feel that he used a lot of medical jargon that as difficult to understand at times, but he did explain them in common language most of the time. Nonetheless, his opinion was conveyed effectively.

Dr. Verghese did an excellent job using repetition to effectively emphasize his feelings about the nature of doctor-patient relationships now that we, as a society, have become so attached to technology in order to make our jobs easier and improve our lives.

At the beginning of his speech, he provides his credentials to being able to speak about the topic at hand. Dr. Verghese has been practicing medicine for a number of years and also teaches at Stanford University. This adds credibility to his opinions. I also felt his addition of stories about important people in the medical field throughout history added evidence to the fact that perhaps doctors are relying too heavily on new technology in order to treat their patients; resulting in situations where things go unnoticed and undiagnosed for too long.

Overall, I felt that Dr. Verghese did an excellent job using visual aids and vivid language in order to help the audience envision the topics, people and objects he is referring to during his presentation.


About kkurz264

Hi everyone! I'm a Junior at UWSP studying Psychology and French. I absolutely love to travel and will talk for hours about the places I've been given the chance. My goal in life is to work with the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders.
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One Response to The Ritual of Communication

  1. ChangWooUWSP says:

    Very good job applying the lessons you learned from your class. I agree with you. I think Dr. Verghese used principles of oral communication very well.

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