Tricks of the trade

While viewing Sebastian Wernicke’s TED video about the statistics and factors that play a  role in how popular videos will be, he did a very good job delivering his speech and following the guidelines we have in communication 101.  I found his powerpoint slides to be very intriguing and easy to follow.  They also had a lot of humor embedded in them which I enjoyed a lot.      

 Right away in the beginning of his presentation, he cut right to the chase.  As a way of getting down to business, he went right into the statistics and formulas that showed how he got his results which, in turn, intrigued the audience.  He did a good job making the audience laugh and talked about a subject that seemed to be of interest to them and kept them involved in the presentation.  His eye contact and gestures were appropriate and he had strong arguments.

A few things that didn’t follow the criteria we were taught in class include not having a strong introduction and conclusion.  He just sort of jumped into his topic, but the more I watched his presentation, the more I wondered if an introduction like we were taught was even necessary.  One more thing he could have worked on was not talking so fast.  He was talking at a rather quick pace which wasn’t hard to follow, but could have been slowed down a little bit in order to get the full effect of the slides and what he was saying.

I enjoyed this video and it made me laugh a lot.  Whether or not the statistics he reported about were true, he grabbed my attention and made me believe what he was saying.  It made me want to watch other TED videos to see if they matched what he was saying and reporting.  Overall, Sebastian Wernicke did a wonderful job presenting his research and did a really great job with the slides.


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